Follow a bewitching brave-hearted woman (Nicole Sassaman) as she travels through five different worlds full of color, drama, and fantasy by way of a mysterious portal. Behind each world, an renown artist helped to curate a voice inspired by a given word and the travels experienced by Nicole in the film. These one-of-a-kind products allow viewers to shop the scenes from a fantastical, award-winning film, while taking home a bit of their favorite world to offer strength and inspiration to live by during the extraordinary and chaotic time of Covid. 



Project Mission 
Script Development
Motion Picture
Post Production
Product Development

Lauri Levenfeld
Grace Wethor
Angela Del Rey
Pavel Federov
Katja O’Brien
Irmina Martinez-Loeffler
Kelli Shawn
Matt LeCorte
Chris Howland
Johnny Kubelka
James Luke

From conception to completion, the Mad World film was brought to screen in less than two months. Circulating festivals worldwide, MW is an award-winning, experimental journey calling on viewers to always believe even in their darkest hour. Production made it our goal to build a majority cast and crew of women (16 out of 20); a long way from co-director Lauri Levenfeld’s days as 1 of 2 women who graduated from the Cinematic Arts program at USC over twenty years ago. With thirty years between them, the co-writer/ director team (19 and 49 years old) were both amazed by how deeply their personal and professional perspectives intertwined. “Our different backgrounds, insight and respective life experiences truly served us in the roles as both mentor and mentee, shaping a beautiful partnership where we both could learn and add value in creation and collaboration.”

“We wanted to provide external inspiration and messaging to the world through the power of words and art.”


A social journey following the making of Mad World: how to get a movie made in Covid, a female awakening, latest happenings on the festival run, Q&A’s from cast and crew, brand partnerships, fashion collection, and more.