In answer to CMO Sydney Sloan’s dire need to break free of boring stock photography and to create a program for high-impact individuals, Sloan enlisted AgentC. The Rev Stars events will cross multiple states (and countries) to host themed parties whereby each honoree will be captured in original, high-impact assets including Vogue-worthy imagery and a short founder film to be distributed amongst a multitude of platforms under the Salesloft umbrella. 



Platform & Event Build

Lauri Levenfeld
Bridget Cooper
Grace Wethor
Pavel Fedorov   
Allen Mort
Katja O’Brien
Irmina Martinez-Loeffler
Tacha Scott
Jessica Chase
Antonio Fernando
Steve Lagosh

“Through the years, I have watched and admired Lauri’s ability to build successful community-based platforms in a commercial setting. I was looking for a way to break out from the B2B boring norm of bland. I connected with Lauri and her team to help us uncover, in a real way, a side of the next generation of leaders of our sales community! Our partnership pushed the boundaries to architect a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our most valued brand advocates. The result was a photo shoot and video interview that felt like they were straight from the pages of Vogue and served our company with ample content for our sites and all social channels.” - Sydney Sloan, CMO

“Watching someone transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly in front of the lens is everything you could hope for and why I became a photographer.”